Pertouli is a small picturesque village, one of the most beautiful tourist centers of Thessaly. Built on a slope, among the fir trees at an altitude of 1.100 meters, a mountainous paradise surrounded by mountains, dense forests, green meadows and running waters waiting for you to conquer. What makes the village unique and considered the most loved mountain resorts in Greece are the picturesque stone houses with the stone roof tops, the ski centre and the lush green Pertouli Livadia. It is about 50 kilometers from the center of Trikala.

Elati or Tirna for the locals, is the largest of the mountain villages of Trikala region and the most tourist developed. One of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Greece which makes it the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation, tranquility and the love for nature. An altitude of 950 meters and only 34 kilometers from Trikala, on the slopes of Koziaka and built like an amphitheater, it is surrounded by the stunning beauty of fir trees offering you enchanting opportunities to escape from your daily routine with dozens of walks in the region’s forests. Elati has lots of snow in winter and a cool and healthy climate in summer.

At the entrance of a natural passage formed on one side from Koziaka and Itamo and on the other side we come across a small town called Pyli or Porta as known in the past. Pyli is known for its famous arched bridge of Porta river as well as the church of Virgin Mary of Porta.

Built on the foot of the Meteora rocks Kalabaka can boast about its world unique gigantic sculptures. Artfully sculptured by the divine breath of nature, they crown the town leaving the visitors in awe of its beauty. In fascination visitors follow the road that leads to the “stone forest” of Meteora. Kalabaka has been inhabited since the ancient times. In approximately the same position was the ancient city of Aiginion. It is about 20 kilometers from Trikala and 38 kilometers from the Wooden Village.

The visitor can admire and enthuse with many beautiful spots in the city of Trikala. Starting with the Lethaio river, which according to myth is referred to as the son of nymph Lethe and that on its banks Asclepius was born. Another amazing beauty is the old neighborhood of Barousi, the famous paved street of Asclepius and the old mill Matsopoulou, which during the Christmas season the mill of the elves is organized. The region has been associated with important mythical figures, such as Nymph Trikkis the protector of health and the famous Asclepius. It is a distance of 40 kilometers from the Wooden Village.

Villages of Aspropotamos
The eleven villages of Aspropotamos, Anthousa, Haliki, Krania, Milia, Tzourtzia, Kallirroi, Stefani, Gardiki, Athamania, are villages covered in fir and plane trees and perhaps one of the few places that preserves the natural beauty of the landscape. Its distinct beauty Is owed to the high peaks of Lamkos (2295 m.) and Kakarditsa, the rich variety of tree forests particularly the fir trees as well as the rushing waters of Aspropotamo (the sources of Acheloos). Aspropotamos is formed by two tributaries that converge to one central current: one from the peak of Rona and the other from Mount Lakmos (Peristeri). Predominant tree types are oaks, fir trees, plane trees and beeches. The habitats of the area are in good condition resulting to the presence of many plant and animal species, like the salep and tea, the brown bear, the wolf and the deer. Wherever you are in Pindos you are surrounded by the strong Greek tradition which has been kept alive and pure from generation to generation through the various events of the people such as the outdoor festivals that take place in memory of the saints at the chapels of each village.